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IBay Pro Shopping Mall E-Shop :: Companies Formation :: Belize

"Unsafe", "risky", "illegal" and "only for the rich" are just some of the words that have been used to describe offshore tax havens. So let us begin by immediately putting an end to those myths. The term "offshore tax haven" simply signifies any country that has a friendlier or more advantageous tax climate than your own country of residence or domicile. If the truth were known, establishing an offshore company, trust, limited partnership or limited life company is just like forming a similar structure in your domestic country of residence except that it will be governed by the laws of a different country.
What is enshrined in the enabling legislation of most offshore jurisdictions is privacy, confidentiality and the basic right to structure your own affairs as you deem most appropriate to suit either your personal or corporate circumstances.
More often than not, the confusion with the whole issue of going offshore stems from lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown. Misinformed financial planners, attorneys and accountants only exacerbate the situation by advising their clients only about what they themselves know and feel comfortable with.
Nowadays, with the internationalisation of world economies, global investing and participation in an array of cross-border transactions is more common than ever before. Such opportunities are now available to both small and large investors alike. Protecting those investments (and other assets) is another key reason why people 'go offshore'.
The very fact that there has been a concerted effort by various leading nations to sensationalise and provide misguided information about the use of offshore jurisdictions simply highlights the reality that a significant amount of legitimate international investment and other financial activity is now being conducted "offshore" and, because of this, they have begun to loose control of the traditional money management role they once monopolised. It is estimated that currently some US$ 5 trillion is invested through the use "offshore" jurisdictions. Indeed, many jurisdictions, like Belize, offer a full range of financial services in a well-planned, regulated environment - while at the same time still offering a level of privacy and confidentiality not found "onshore". In this context, the term "international financial services centre", rather than "offshore tax haven", is now more appropriate since we essentially offer the same kinds of services available in the more traditional financial centres. This is certainly no place to hide ill-gotten gains or to further some criminal objective - with strict anit-money laundering legislation, we are keen to emphasise that we are only open for business for those seeking the legitimate use of our services.
IBAY Ltd. as we have become known, has grown to be one of the leading providers of international financial and corporate services in Belize.
As specialists in the offshore industry, IBAY can arrange - either directly or through its network of correspondents around the world - a comprehensive range of services, including:

· Formation and Management of IBC's, LLC's, LLP's, PCC's
· Trust Formation and Administration
· International Shipping Registration
· Inward Investment Projects
· Offshore Banks and Insurance Companies
· International Procurement and Consulting Services
· Fund Administration
· Asset Management
· International Financial Management
· Investment and Brokerage Services
· Trading and Factoring Services
· Nominee and Trustee Services
· International Collection and Reporting Services

So, whether your needs range from a simple company formation, family trust or a more complex multi-jurisdictional offshore structure, IBAY can help. We hope that you will find our web-site informative and helpful in your financial, corporate and estate planning.
However, in case we have not covered your particular requirements, please feel to contact us at [email protected] for a free confidential consultation.

Belize is an independent country located on the Caribbean Sea in mainland Central America with Mexico to the North and Guatemala to the South and West. It has a population of about 250,000 and covers an area 8,867 square miles.
For nearly 4,000 years, it formed the keystone of the empire of the ancient Maya who developed, what was for their time, the most advanced civilisation in the New World. English is the official language although Spanish is also widely spoken. The ethnic mix is one of the most diverse in the Western Hemisphere.
Under British rule and following Independence in 1981, Belize has enjoyed a history of peace, stability and democracy. While still a colonial state called British Honduras, self-government was achieved in 1964 and the name Belize was restored in 1973.
The legal system of Belize is founded on English Common Law supplemented by local legislation. The certainty with which the affairs of the professional and business community are conducted, particularly trust and commercial matters, is a tribute to this solid foundation and the continuing high standards of training and practice of the professional and financial community in Belize. The Belize Court system is modelled on the English system and the court of final appeal on questions of law is the Privy Council of the House of Lords in England.
The political system is based upon the Westminster model, with Queen Elizabeth II (represented by a Governor-General in Belize) as titular head. Executive authority in Belize is exercised by the Cabinet under the leadership of the Prime Minister, and new legislation is enacted by a 29-member House of Representatives elected by universal adult suffrage every five years. There are two major political parties - the Peoples United Party and the United Democratic Party. Both parties are committed to the economic development of the country and to the expansion of the offshore financial services industry.
Belize is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations, the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM), the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organisation of American States (OAS), the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank as well as many other regional and international organisations.
Unlike many of the island offshore jurisdictions, Belize still relies heavily on its rich farmlands - with sugar, bananas and citrus being the main export crops. Lobster, shrimp and other marine products also contribute significantly to the country's foreign exchange earnings.
However, in recent years it is the growth of both the tourism and international financial services industries that has helped to put Belize firmly on the map. With the expansion of trade liberalisation programmes and accessibility to world markets becoming ever easier, effective tax planning and financial management have become critical tools in the development of a comprehensive strategic plan.
The demand for offshore services increases steadily and this will secure the future of this industry well into the 21st century.
Belize enjoys excellent telecommunication services worldwide, efficient international courier services and direct daily flights to the USA (Houston and Miami - both offering world-wide connections) and Central America.

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