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Affordable, full service web hosting packages.
IBay International Ltd. takes the uncertainty out of hosting - and puts service, performance and value back in. No matter which hosting type or plan you choose, your site receives 24/7 maintenance and protection in our world-class data center. And you get the expert, friendly service you deserve.
Upgraded! Hosting Plans From $5.95/month
Ideal for most individuals and small business. Featuring up to 20 GB disk space, up to 1,000 GB bandwidth, database(s) and FREE scripts. See all plans

New! Virtual Dedicated Server Plans From $34.95/month
Convenience and cost-effective server control. Featuring up to 50 GB disk space, up to 2,000 GB bandwidth, up to 3 dedicated IP addresses, and full admin access. Build your Virtual Dedicated Server

New! Dedicated Server Plans From $89.00/month
The ultimate in performance and server control. Featuring an Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® processor, up to 2,000 GB bandwidth, up to 2 X 120 GB disk drivers, up to 2 GB RAM, and full admin access.
Build your Dedicated Server

Web Hosting

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